Peerro isn’t just another Job App!

Peerro is a technology platform for young people and opportunity seekers of all ages to build their careers. We partner with schools, training programs, and employers to get you on the pathway to success.

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Peerro is a company that believes in the potential of young people. We provide a central location for entry-level jobs and training programs. Our platform provides tools to make sure that the skills that employers need are matching up to the skills being taught by our educators. By showing exactly what qualifications are necessary for a candidate to get an interview, Peerro encourages young people while saving time for the employer. It also shows students what skills lead to more pay, and rewards them for developing those skills.
Peerro was started as a way to encourage young people to build the skills needed to be successful in their careers. It has grown to become the connection point for schools, vocational programs, employers, and the young individuals they work with. Our partners span local and national brands in both the public and private spheres.

The mobile app


If you’re looking for your next opportunity Peerro is the platform for you!  Start by downloading our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This will give you instant access to Jobs and Training in your area. Peerro provides you with details on those positions and often allows you to schedule a guaranteed interview. By following the Peerro pathway for the jobs and training programs that interest you, job-seekers can pre-qualify for a job. This improves chances of getting hired or increasing your pay. Pathways show exactly what qualifications are needed to get a job, from certifications and education to passing a quiz.

Career Pathway Management System (CPMS)

Peerro is a Career Pathway Management System…  but what does that mean?  Peerro brings together Employers, Schools, Training Organizations, Governments, and Non-Profits all in one platform.  All of this for one goal, helping someone progress into a fulfilling long-term career.  Through Peerro Employers can connect their jobs with School Programs, Training, and education.  Schools can track their students through these Pathways to help them along the way.  Training and Education Organizations can offer their training to help people progress or even start a fulfilling career.  Training can even be done online right in the Peerro App!  All of this leads to more qualified employees for Employers and better careers for employees.  Signup today and register your first Job Pathway for free!

“We looked at several platforms and we kept coming back to Peerro. It was so simple to use”

- Educator / Training Manager

“Peerro is an easy way to get hired.  Because all I had to do was download to my phone and give it to my teachers and my friends, I basically got hired in less than a week from an app.”


“We usually have a 1 out of 5 pass rate on our entry math exam for cashiers, with Peerro candidates it is a 4 out of 5 pass rate”