Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Peerro cost for job seekers?

Peerro is free to download and use for all job seekers.

Who can use the Peerro app?

Anyone can use the Peerro app. It does not require you to be affiliated with an organization or school.

I don’t have much experience for the opportunity, how can I still be considered?

Peerro allows you to keep track of any required training and certifications for each opportunity. Once you have completed all requirements on Peerro you can apply to the desired opportunity.

What platforms is Peerro available on?

On iOS devices, Android and desktop.

Does Peerro alert me with opportunities best suited for my profile match?

Yes, you will be notified of new opportunities when you open the Peerro app when notifications are enabled.

How many interviews can I have on Peerro?

At any given time, you can have up to 5 interviews scheduled on the Peerro app.

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