1 in 5 Young Adults Are Not In Education, Employment or Training*

We believe in the potential of young people.

Our mission is to connect young people with the skills, resources and jobs to put them on a path to a fulfilling long-term career.

We understand today’s job seeker in a way no other job or career pathway resource does. We know it isn’t about the job, but what the job can do and lead to.

Peerro is your job search hero.

“I’m genuinely inspired by all the ways sharing just a bit of information can help change the course of a person’s life journey.”

– Dr. Rachel Angel, Peerro Founder

As an entrepreneur and founder of Peerro, Dr. Rachel Angel has a passion for helping others find greater success in their career pursuits. Growing up herself in an entrepreneurial household and witnessing her parents struggle to make ends meet, made being self-employed little to be desired. She quickly discovered success extended far beyond the strength of having a solid idea.

Enter Peerro, a career pathway management system that connects employers, schools, training organizations, governments and nonprofits via one platform. Dr. Angel believes young adults need to be provided with as much information as possible for them to forge their own path. Everyone has dreams but not everyone has the right information to create the steps to make those dreams a reality. Peerro exists to give everyone the same opportunity to realize their dreams.”